Google Brandcast 2014

September 2014, Grande Halle de la Villette

Google Brandcast new edition was an immersive event raising the BtoB convention to the rank of explosive show.

Content and stage design were 100% powered by We Love Art accompanied by a skilled dream team: SUPERBIEN for the AD and managing the motion design, Vice for design & film production, The Little French for staging & AD, All Access Design in charge of the light design, Sabri Tekaia for the stage design, and the whole was cadenced by the choreographies of I Could Never Be a Dancer.

Special thanks to the artists Lilly Wood & The Prick, Robin Schulz, TAL and PV Nova.

Client: Google

Thanks to ETC (video management), Start Rec (Sound Design / Youtube Mashup) Dushow (light & sound service), FL Structure (screens and scene motorization), PRG (LED screens). Images: Pascal Montary & Adrien Lachappelle