May 2021

The WE LOVE GREEN team wanted to hit hard by creating Wonderland Paris, an ephemeral and hybrid open-air third placed on a 6,000 m2 railway, belonging to the SNCF.

WONDERLAND is an evolving project around arts, sports and gastronomy. Family-oriented and committed on social, economic and ecological issues, Wonderland was created to be accessible to all.

For the first time in its history, We Love Green Festival had a place to meet up its fans and create new programs during 4 months.
A unique evolving project of pure urban resilience.

Wonderland in figures:
After 4 months of this ephemeral third-party space, let’s take stock:
6,000 square meters of space, 100,000 visitors in 4 months, 40 concerts, 15 stand-ups, 15 conferences, 1 eloquence contest, 13 podcasts, 20 films, 2 roller discos, 1 play, 16 ephemeral restaurants, 10 chefs in residence, 38,000 dishes served, 0 single-use plastic, 317 kg of composted dishes, 20 sports classes and demos and finally 70 days of free access to sports!